IRIS Openspace

Login to the IRIS Opensapce portal.


Login into IRIS Openspace below to get started.

To open a document

  • From a desktop: Select the file name to open it.
  • From tablets and smart phones: Select the account you want to open. Select (i) to select document and click the file name to open it.

To approve a document (once you have opened it)

  • From a desktop: Select ‘Awaiting Approval’ and select “approve”
  • From tablets and smart phones: Select (i) and select “approve”

To send us information

  • From a desktop: Select “your files”, select your name and then select ‘upload file’. Select ‘browse’ and find the file on your computer and open and upload. Once file is uploaded, tick the box next to the file and select “notify” from the tabs above. This tells us you have uploaded information.
  • From tablets and smart phones: Select the cloud icon and add your file, which will need to be a smart phones: photograph. (Some electronic devices also use PDFs). We will automatically be notified you have sent us information.

Frequently asked questions

This is best done from a desktop. Select “Account” (below your email address) and select “change password”
Confirm your Wi-Fi connection is working. Contact us during normal office hours and we will help. If needed we can liaise with IRIS Openspace on your behalf.
Nothing. We provide IRIS Open Space free of charge to all our clients

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